Underground Services

As a turn-key solution provider, COMTRAC maintains a strong experience in underground telecom service construction. We utilize “Smart Directional Boring” Techniques that allows minimal invasive ground penetration. Our relationships with industry leaders are capitalized for the benefits of our client.

Horizontal directional drilling is done while laying out underground pipelines. Otherwise known as HDD or directional boring, this process helps in laying out a path for pipes, cables and conduits. This process is very clean as it doesn’t disturb the surrounding areas unlike other drilling process.

Directional drilling is suitable to be done over a variety of soils and can be done for jobs such as road, river crossing and landscape. The pipes that are used in this process are made of materials such as PVC, polyethylene, steel, ductile iron and polypropylene.

The main purpose of directional drilling is to install infrastructure such as power cable conduits, water lines, telecommunications, sewer lines, oil lines, gas lines and product pipelines. At COMTRAC we utilize this smart technology to lead the path in environmental friendly operations.

Small Footprint

At COMTRAC we defined successful underground drilling by the lowest environmental footprint impact. This takes place by controlling the direction and deviation of a bore to a predetermined underground target or location using the latest technologies. We believe Speed and Accuracy can still be attained provided proper planning and tools.

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