We maintain

  • Single Mode Cable
  • Multimode Cable
  • A Fiber Cabling
  • ST/SC Connectors


  • Premise Data Networks
  • FDDI
  • Multimedia Outlets
  • Wall or Rack Mounted Cabinets
  • Outdoor and Indoor Construction

Preventive Maintenance

COMTRAC can design, develop and implement a Preventive Maintenance program for the client based on a high-level SLA (Service Level Agreement). This routine maintenance program will provide the client with an up-time that exceeds current as-is network status. At COMTRAC up-times are governed by 98-99.9% passive components activities.

Routine Maintenance

COMTRAC operations center serves our clients to decrease their CAPEX and OPEX related to daily maintenance and repairs. As a multi-vendor center we are able to re-engineer our technical teams work loads based on the current work volumes. Such agility allows greater value to our client base and provides instantaneous on-demand technical teams deployment.

Emergency Maintenance

COMTRAC offers emergency repair service and restoration service to aid our clients needs during mission critical situations. If the systems or network is physically damaged due to inclement weather, debris or accidents our teams are prepared to immediately deploy to site and commence repairs/restorations.

We Partner

When we become involved in our client’s Network Up-time, we then are responsible to meet the demands and client expectations. Preventive, Routine or Emergency maintenance teams work as part of our client value chain of resources to ensure excellent network operations. We do not act as a vendor but as a partner that is accountable towards results.

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