Fiber Services

COMTRAC (CSI) provides world class and secured Fiber Optic solutions in the region. We have more than 18 years experience in serving mission critical designs, installation and maintenance.

As a fiber optic cabling services provider, CSI provides the following services:

  • Fiber Optic planning and design.
  • Civil Works for Fiber Ducts.
  • Fiber Optic cable pulling and installations.
  • Fiber Optic installation and Splicing.
  • Fiber Optic testing and commission.
  • Fiber Optic infrastructure maintenance.
  • Fiber Optic planning and design
  • Fiber Optic planning and design service.
  • Detail survey for fiber cable Route.
  • Civil work survey and technical site drawing.
  • AutoCAD drawings on civil and cable routes.
  • Bill of material as per selected technology.
  • Advisory services to select the technology / vendor as per requirement’s.
  • Civil works for fiber ducts
  • Pipe laying (PVC, Galvanize, Flexible & Bend Pipe).
  • Construction of man holes, hand holes & joint boxes.
  • Concrete breaking and re-instatement.
  • Road crossing & bridge crossing.
  • Fiber Optic cable pulling and installations
  • In door fiber pulling and installations.
  • Outdoor fiber pulling and installations.
  • Fiber Optic installation and Splicing
  • Cabinet ,patch panels & ODF/MDF termination
  • Fiber Optic cable installation
  • OFC splicing and termination
  • As-built designs
  • Fiber Optic testing and commission
  • Fiber Optic link testing and commissioning
  • Fiber Optic cable drum testing
  • OTDR testing
  • Fluke testing
  • Optical network testing
  • BER testing

Dependable Experience

Our technical teams are equipped with locality-experience. Not only are they loaded with tools and technical expertise but they also have a great handle on each location as they have been operating such locations for many years. Our clients get Localized Dependable Experience.

Contact us  and speak to a specialist today about your current and future needs.